dis·rupt \ dis-ˈrəpt \

1: to break apart : rupture

2: to interrupt the normal course or unity of


A human story of how blockchain technology is changing our perception of value and trust.

We’re in an era of unprecedented change. This couldn’t be more amplified than in the small agriculture/ Bitcoin mining town of Wenatchee, Washington; where the old world meets the new world. 

We need innovative solutions to the social and economic disparity of our time. What the internet has done for communication, blockchain technology - the system behind Bitcoin - could do for value exchange; reimagining what we value, how we exchange value; and the relationship between value, power and trust.

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Through interviews and a visual narrative, we meet a variety of thought leaders, an economist, a skeptic, a rural farm worker, a municipal commissioner, a psychologist, a tech crusader, a futurist. Blockchain technology is disrupting industries like agriculture, finance, healthcare, voting, journalism, social good. DISRUPT examines the potential benefits and concerns of this nascent technology and how it may alter our social system as we know it.  This is NOT a “techy” promotional film. This is a story about people, and how they approach change. 



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  •  Alicia McKee. Executive Producer, Director, Writer

  • Charley Voorhis. Creative Director, Director of Photography

  • Amelia Yokel. Producer, Advisor

  • Jeremiah Higgins. Technical Director

  • Erin Nash. Cinematographer, Editor

  • Chad Yenney. Audio Technician

  • Greg Mares. International Correspondent, Editor

  • Taylor Greene. Project Coordinator

  • Dave Carlson. Blockchain Strategists

  • Molly Hunter. Blockchain Strategists


In partnership with blockchain pioneer Dave Carlson, we are reinventing how films are marketed, shared, and contributed to across the world.


By utilizing a decentralized peer-2-peer sharing solution, distribution will look like a form of mining. We will use a crypto reward system as an incentive mechanism to reward every peer who aids in the sharing. In doing this, they have become part of our distribution network/ecosystem, while collecting coins that they can redeem for cool stuff.

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