New Strategy

I’m changing my strategy. I decided today that I’m going to use this page to actually chronicle the process of making this film.

My name is Alicia. If you don’t already know this (I talk about it a lot), I had this crazy almost out of body experience about a year ago when I began to learn about blockchain. The social and philosophical implications made my head spin and I knew I needed to stay involved. So I decided the best step into the world was to utilize my position at the video production company where I worked, and the skill of my crew, to visually share my excitement and spark some new curiosity. We’re making a movie.
Some facts about me: 

  • I have never directed a film

  • I am a single mom

  • I live in a small town in the mountains nowhere near Hollywood

  • I love people, philosophizing and future tripping 

  • I often get teased by my film crew for being too woo-woo

  • I’m awkwardly obsessed with blockchain technology.

Little did I know how much I bit off by taking on the role of producer, writer, researcher, director, distribution & marketing, having never done any of these things for a feature film. It’s been an uphill battle to say the least. And slow going, however, I’m optimistic. There’s a LOT to this story. And there is A LOT to my learning curve on how to balance telling the story with finding the funding, staying on top of new innovations, selecting the right team members to help, building an audience, still taking care of my other clients, ... oh and making sure my two kiddos are fed and don’t kill each other. 

At times this work can feel lonely, although I know a lot of what I ponder and struggle with is pretty universal. So I decided to put my daily thoughts out there. I don’t have much of an audience right now and frankly, building one isn’t going to be where I put my priority for a while, but I love to journal, it can be quite a cathartic process. So why not journal here. Maybe someone someday can find something I write down useful in their own process.

Hopefully these posts will continue straight through to the premier and success of a great and valuable documentary. 

Aho. Onward.

Alicia McKee