Dystopia is Unimaginative

Today while doing my side hustle of cleaning our nightly rental, I was listening to a future thinkers podcast episode about futurism and technology. The guest says Hollywood mostly depicts the future as a dystopia. No trees, no growth, just dreary broke down buildings and violent angry half robot people. He thinks that this common image is due to a lack of imagination. If we haven’t learned the lessons from slavery, bigotry, if we are still operating from our reptilian brains, then all we can imagine for the future is a sad and violent ending.

I prefer to be more optimistic with my speculation. Maybe we can learn to be more in harmony with our social media accounts and cell phones? Regardless where on the spectrum of utopia to dystopia our future becomes, his viewpoint confirms the idea of technology simply being a tool. Humans will use tools for whatever their heart’s desire is. A hammer can build the house of your dreams as easily as it can destroy your neighbors windows. 

As a modern culture, have we learned lessons from our history of violence and hate? Have we learned to think and feel with more compassion? If our cultural value system reflects love and connection, then technology can be an amazing tool to further those values. Otherwise, maybe Zombie Apocalypse has it right 💁🏻‍♀️

(Photo by Adi Constantin on Unsplash)

Alicia McKee