Collaboration Over Competition

What motivates me? It’s actually not the tech. I don’t get excited trying to explain or more deeply understand the consensus algorithm of bitcoin’s blockchain or any other. I do get excited analyzing and philosophizing how us humans got to where we are now and how we may develop as time goes on. We’re so immersed in our own culture it is hard to see the forest through the trees. I guess I want to see progress. And forward momentum to me looks like more compassion and collaboration. Blockchains look like a tool to get us closer to those virtues. But not if it’s used by people with opposing motives. 

In our capitalist society it’s hard to choose compassion and collaboration in all real world situations, because it simply is not setup to support such a thing. It is setup for proprietary competition. And since we haven’t lived through any other economic model in any of our lifetimes, it’s both hard to imagine, as well as maybe feels irrelevant to imagine, because there is no clear pathway or on ramp to arrive to another way.

But my current mission is to explore different social models. I am hopeful that humans are inherently good and we yearn from our cores (even if sometimes fear blocks this yearning from our conscious self) to connect more with each other. 

Photo by Frank McKenna on Unsplash

Alicia McKee